This portfolio demonstrates the most notable works of George Steketee from enrollment to graduation from the University of Advancing Technology. Some of the included works were assignments for credit toward a Bachelor of Science, while others were completed entirely due to interest.

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Featured Works

The beginner's CTF

Root the Box is an ongoing Capture-the-Flag style hacking game created by UAT club [Buffer]Overflow and designed specifically to be accessible to those with little to no previous hacking experience. Participants compete for points through various hacking-related challenges and by gaining access to Virtual Machine servers.


Electronic Freeze Tag

At ToorCon 13, George and other team members participated in the Hack the Badge competition. Their first-place winning design allowed for the 13-channel WiFi detecting badges to act as a sort of game of tag with one another.


The D.I.Y. Home Intrusion Detection System

Theia was an ambitious project undertaken by a team of five while all were attending UAT. In its current state, Theia provides a framework for the implementation and management of user-created modules for a complete home security system. The Theia team has also built and demonstrated several such modules.